10 Commercial Building Landscaping Ideas to Increase Foot Traffic


The exterior of a commercial building plays a vital role in creating a lasting impression on clients, customers, and visitors. Thoughtfully designed landscaping not only enhances the building’s curb appeal but also reflects the values and aesthetics of the business it houses. In this guide, we will explore some exciting commercial building landscaping ideas to elevate your property’s outdoor space. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping an existing landscape, these ideas will inspire you to create an inviting and impressive environment.

Green Oasis Courtyard:

Turn the courtyard of your commercial building into a lush green oasis that provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of an urban environment. Incorporate lush greenery, vibrant plants, and even small trees to create a natural and relaxing ambiance. Adding seating areas and pathways with decorative paving stones enhances the functionality of the space while promoting a sense of tranquility for building occupants.

Vertical Gardens:

If space is limited around your commercial building, consider implementing vertical gardens or living walls. These innovative landscaping features utilize vertical space to grow plants vertically along walls or structures. Vertical gardens not only add a touch of green to the building façade, but they also improve air quality and provide insulation, making your property more energy-efficient.

Welcoming Entrance:

The entrance to your business building is the first point of contact for visitors, making it an excellent place to make a strong impression. Design a welcoming entry with a combination of colorful flowers, well-trimmed shrubs, and striking focal points like water features or sculptures. A well-maintained and visually appealing entryway sets the tone for a positive experience for all who enter.

Drought-Resistant Landscaping:

In regions with water scarcity, opting for drought-resistant or xeriscaping landscaping can be both environmentally responsible and visually stunning. Use native plants, succulents, and low-water grasses to create a sustainable landscape that requires minimal irrigation. This not only helps in saving water, but also reduces the maintenance cost of your commercial building.

Rooftop Gardens:

Maximize your commercial building’s outdoor space by creating a rooftop garden. Rooftop gardens provide an oasis in the heart of the city, offering a recreational area for building occupants or a relaxing spot for meetings and events. Greenery can help insulate the building, reduce storm water runoff, and improve air quality while adding a unique touch to the property’s architecture.

Modern Minimalist:

Embrace simplicity and elegance with a modern minimalist landscaping design. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a limited color palette can create a sophisticated and contemporary look for your commercial building. Incorporate hardscaping elements like concrete planters, gravel pathways, and polished stone accents to complement the minimalist theme.

Urban Plaza:

Urban Plaza: If your commercial building is located in a busy urban area, consider designing an urban plaza that serves as a public gathering place. Combine functional elements like seating, lighting, and shade structures with artistic elements such as sculptures or public art installations. A vibrant urban plaza encourages foot traffic, enhances community engagement, and contributes to the vibrancy of the neighborhood.

Seasonal Color Showcase:

Keep your commercial building’s landscape fresh and exciting throughout the year by incorporating seasonal plants that bloom in different seasons. Plan your landscaping design to display a variety of colors and textures all year round. Spring bulbs, summer flowers, fall foliage and evergreen plants can create a dynamic and ever-changing landscape that captivates visitors with each passing season.

Sustainable Water Features:

Incorporate water features like fountains, cascades, or ponds into your commercial building’s landscaping to add an element of tranquility and visual interest. Opt for sustainable water features that recycle water to conserve resources. Additionally, consider integrating lighting into the water features to create a captivating nighttime display.

Illuminated Pathways:

Enhance the safety and visual appeal of your commercial building’s outdoor spaces with illuminated pathways. Use low-energy LED lights or solar-powered fixtures to create a well-lit pathway that guides visitors and adds a magical ambiance during the evenings.


Transforming your commercial building’s outdoor space with creative and well-thought-out landscaping ideas can significantly enhance its overall appeal. Whether you choose a lush oasis, vertical garden, drought-resistant landscape, or some other concept, the key is to create a design that aligns with your business’s values and objectives as well as provides a visual appeal to all who visit. With these inspiring landscaping ideas as a starting point, you can transform your business property into a remarkable and memorable space that leaves a lasting impression on customers, clients and passersby alike.

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